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Best Accounting And Invoice Software in 2019

One of the most important aspects of owning and running a business is keeping tabs on your income, outcome, expenses and profit. But, this can be difficult to do when you have administrative tasks, marketing strategies, and other issues to focus on. Accounting and invoicing software can help you to manage your finances easily and efficiently, whether you are a small, medium, or large business. 

There are several different options for accounting and invoice software which you can choose from. However, this does make the process of choosing the one that is best for your business a little tricky. There are some accounting software packages which include invoicing while others might not, meaning you will need to look at every aspect of each option to decide on which one is best for you. Keep reading below for a list of the best accounting and invoicing software of 2019. 


Xero is another popular choice for business of all sizes. It is particularly useful for modern businesses who might be using Macs, as it is cloud-based accounting software. This means that Mac users will not suffer from having to used pared-down versions of programs. It also has unique features such as task automation and the ability to integrate with different apps and systems. 

Xero allows you to convert quotes that you send to clients into invoices with the simple click of a button, ensuring that every invoice is accurate at the time of sending it out. It also offers bank reconciliation capabilities, which means that you can connect your bank account to the system and easily manage transactions. Xero also allows users to access their software on various mobile devices, making it easy to quote and invoice clients on the go. 

Zoho Books

For small businesses and startups, all you need is something simple to help you easily manage your finances. Zoho Books is ideal for this purpose. It offers users a streamlined interface with all of the basic features that small business owners need. It also offers the option to integrate and scale the software as your business grows. 

Some of the features that Zoho Books offers include the ability to add contacts to the system with ease, the option to track and add billable time to invoices, as well as workflow automation tools. You can also connect your system with online payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, and PayU, making it easier for you to be paid online. Zoho Books is also one of the more affordable accounting and invoicing software packages on the market, with prices starting at $9 or R138. 


Quickbooks is arguably one of the most popular and well-known accounting software options in the world. It is one of the most feature-rich packages that you will find, and it is currently encouraging users to opt for its cloud services which means easier accessibility and better functionality for users. 

It is the ideal choice for medium- to large-sized businesses but is also very accessible for smaller businesses. The features include tracking sales, expenses, and profits, creating personalised invoices and sending them out, managing sales tax, as well as the option to handle multiple currencies. However, Quickbooks is an expensive option and might not be easy to use for those who are not technically inclined. 

Wave – Free Accounting Software

Wave is one of the very few accounting and invoicing software providers that offers its most of its services for free. This makes it the perfect solution for businesses that are just starting out and even ideal for larger firms that might need to cut back on expenses. It offers the ability to track both personal and business finances in one place, under different profiles so the two are never confused. 

It offers free invoicing tools, but it is important to not that Wave is not as feature-rich as the other paid services mentioned in this list. You will pay for services such as payment processing and payroll services, but the prices are generally affordable. One of the major benefits is that you are able to personalise your invoices for free, which is ideal for a small business looking to improve brand awareness and build trust with their current clients. 

High Expectations in 2019

With the growth and popularity of cloud-based software, it is likely that you will see more and more accounting and invoicing software tools move towards this. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning will also be more pronounced, especially as they need to cater to users who might not have accounting or technology backgrounds. 

You can choose from a variety of affordable options, but be sure to look at all the features and compare them to one another. If you are in need of accounting services, search through our business listings to find one that will suit your needs.