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Best Free Online Business Listing Sites

Now more than ever, people are looking at online business listing sites to find companies. These sites allow both small business owners and established businesses to increase their online visibility and appear in more search results for their specified keywords. However, some of these free online business listing sites are not as genuine or as highly-rated as others. 

When you are looking for the best free online business listing sites look at reviews of the site form both users and browsers. This will tell you whether or not they are legitimate and if they will help your business. Below we take a look at some of the best free online listing sites available today. 


FreeFind SA


FreeFind SA is one of the premier free online business listing sites in South Africa. It allows you to list your business for free on the platform, helping to improve your business’s visibility to thousands of regular uses. Their business directory listings are more visual than others, and FreeFind SA allows users to upload a logo and a header image to improve their searchability. 




Nichemarket is one of the fastest-growing free online business listing sites in South Africa, and offers easy-to-use listing services ot businesses in almost every industry. Nichemarket functions primarily as a social marketplace, providing information to businesses about how to improve their marketing, products, and so forth. Local listings receive an impressive amount of visitors each month. 




Hotfrog is an established online business listing site that offers their services nationally. It operates in 38 countries and has up to 1,5 million page views per month. Whether you are a small business or an established company, these numbers can certainly help to boost your online performance. You can also add personalised keywords for more search results. 


Google My Business


Google My Business is one of the most useful free online business listings sites on the internet today. Consumers today turn to Google for almost all of their search requests, and having your business or retail store on this listing site will increase your online visibility and search engine results ten-fold. It is free and very easy to use when you follow instructions. 


Best Directory


Best Directory is…well…one of the best business directories available today. It allows users to choose a few keywords that relate to their business as well as the option to link to social media profiles. Listings are indexed very quickly and will appear on the directory’s search results within hours, making it ideal for those who want to boost their rankings efficiently. 




Foursquare is an international free online business listing site and has a following of up to 55 million followers per month. Small business fans are able to check-in and review businesses, and if you fill in your profile completely, you will have better visibility and your reviews will be more positive from users, too. 




The YelloSA business directory has over 800 000 business listings and new customer reviews being added on a regular basis. It is free to list your business on, but you may need to create a new profile for each business that you wish to list. It has a very easy-to-use interface and allows users to upload images easily. 




ActiveWeb is relatively new to the free online business listing sites game, but this does not mean that they compromise on quality. There are both free and premium options, with the free option offering a large and diverse array of features for users to choose from. Listings are indexed extremely quickly once they have been approved by the editors. 


Love Those Listings


Adding your business to free online business listing sites can help to improve your online presence immensely, which is especially helpful for small businesses and new businesses. Be sure to look at all of the online reviews for the directory and carefully read the terms and conditions in order to understand what you need to provide. 

If you would like to list your business with FreeFind SA, contact us today to find out more.