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Best Website Design Companies In South Africa

Any business owner needs a professionally designed website for their company, whether you sell hand-made cat toys or mushroom compost for gardeners. However, choosing the right website design company for your needs can be tricky, especially with so many options available to you in South Africa. 

You might need a specialised website with unique functionality that can only be developed using a certain platform, which calls for a website design agency that uses this tool. Or, you might find that you are in need of a complete brand overhaul, including a logo design, which calls for a more creative touch. If you are looking for a website design company in South Africa it is important to know everything about the company you want to work with. 

Below is a guide to some of the best website design companies in South Africa, to help you decide on one that best suits your needs. 



NetMechanic is one of the leading website design agencies in Cape Town. They are performance-based and are able to provide creative solutions to any briefs that a client sends their way. Their team is able to build professional e-commerce websites as well as education websites, with some fun and creativity thrown in for good measure. 

 If you are looking for a responsive website that can operate across all devices, the NetMechanic team is the ideal choice. All of the websites that they launch are SEO (search engine optimisation) ready and are custom-developed based on the client’s needs. This website design company has also developed its own CMS (content management system) tool which they have used for several successful websites, setting them miles ahead of the competition. 



GiddyUp is a website design agency that also provides SEO services to clients. Their focus is on designing websites that perform well in search engine results, but their team is also able to design a beautiful logo or banner for a website or social media page. They also offer in-house content creation for all projects. 

Their team uses the latest CMS technologies for their websites, allowing them to create responsive designs. They do offer the option for clients to upload and manage their own content, but you might find this difficult if you are unsure of using these systems. GiddyUp has experience in designing and developing e-commerce websites as well as websites for leading lifestyle brands. 

Deep Coral


Deep Coral specialises in both website design and landing page design, making them ideal for those who are working on campaigns for different holidays and products. Their team is passionate about design and understands that clients have different budgets for different projects, and so they work with this in mind. 

This website design company in South Africa has experienced in e-commerce websites, education website, as well as luxury brand websites. You will find that their services are based on the budget that the client provides rather than the hours spent on each design. Their landing pages are all SEO optimised, making it easier for their clients to be found and to rank highly on search engines. 

2Colour Bean


2Colour Bean is a vibrant website design agency based in Cape Town. Their focus is on logo design but they are also able to offer website design and corporate branding services. They offer packages that are both affordable and more premium based on the needs of the client, and their designs are user-focused and modern. 

Their team is able to design and develop websites for a variety of industries, including for SMEs. They are an affordable choice for smaller businesses who might need an updated website but who cannot afford the larger price tags of some agencies. Their basic packages only allow for two email addresses, so keep this in mind when considering their offerings. 

InkSteyn Marketing


InkSteyn Marketing offers an all-in-one solution for those looking for website design, graphic design, and online marketing. They offer content creation in-house and ensure that all websites are fully responsive and SEO optimised.  Their team is able to create both full websites and simple landing pages, depending on what the needs of the client are. 

They are able to design and develop e-commerce websites and provide professional graphic design services for clients who are simply in need of a website update. InkSteyn Marketing also provides an interactive website design for those who want to improve the customer experience. Their website designs almost always use WordPress as the CMS, which might make it difficult for those who have used another CMS in the past to come to grips with using it. 

If you are looking for a website design company in South Africa, you can browse through our business listings to find one that best suits your needs and your budget.