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Choose The Best PR Tools For Better Backlinking

You may have heard the old adage that content is king, and this is for a good reason. Without content, your business or brand will not be easily found online, and today’s consumers prefer content that is relevant to their needs as well as valuable. Using backlinking as part of your content marketing strategy can help your content have a further reach. 

Now, the blog on your website is a good starting point for creating content that engages with your audience, but any digital marketing agency worth their caffeine addiction knows that reaching out to other websites or bloggers can have a positive impact on your content marketing strategy. If you are working with a digital marketing agency it is important to understand the process of reaching out to others who might be willing to post your content on their site and link back to yours.  Below we take a look at just some of the PR tools you can use for better backlinking. 


Trending Content Creation


Before you start creating a list of who you would like to send your content to, you will need to have content in mind to write about. Coming up with ideas can be difficult for those who might not be creatively inclined, but you can use a tool such as Rank Tracker to help you target the right keywords for your content marketing strategy and to create relevant content for backlinking. 

All content that you create should be done with keywords in mind, and these keywords will need to be relevant to your audience and industry. Rank Tracker is a keyword research tool which allows you to find highly effective keywords with numerous filtering options to choose from. It will provide you with statistics for each keyword, showing you which ones will perform better and which ones do not need to be focused on as much. 

Build Better Media Lists


Once you have created a content calendar with valuable content, you will need to gather up contacts to, well, contact. This can be difficult as some publications do not list specific journalists for their specific sections. A tool such as Anewstip will allow you to create lists of journalists or publications in niche industries who you can contact with press releases or articles. 

The database for Anewstip is extensive, and you can use custom filters to find just the right contacts for your content. It can save you hours of manual research as you will not need to trawl the internet in search of the right journalist for your article or press release. You can put this information into a document for further use and update it with contacts and data as you need, as some might change over time. 


Create The Perfect Subject Line


Having a catchy subject line is vital for a pitch that is accepted by your website of choice, but for those who are not used to pitching idea,s it can be tricky to create one. You can use an online tool such as Subjectline to evaluate your email subject and provide you with valuable suggestions to improve it and make it catchier and more attention-grabbing. 

This tool makes a prediction of the marketing results you are likely to get from your subject line, which can help you to craft one that will garner the results you need. You will receive 100 points maximum for your subject line, and the tool will break down your point losses and provide you with solutions for each issue. If your email is not even opened by the person you have contacted, there is very little chance that your content will be posted on their site. 


Report On Those Metrics


Once you have sent out your content and it has been published, you likely want to see how it is performing a week, month, or even year down the line. And if you are a digital marketing agency, you need to show your clients that the work you are putting into their content marketing strategy is working. For this, you will need a tool that provides accurate measurements of your campaign. 

You can use a tool such as CoverageBook, which allows users to create visually engaging reports of all of your content campaigns You can summarise both online and offline coverage (if you have submitted a press release to a magazine, this is useful), include URLs that link to the content or contain it, as well as analytics that cover estimated coverage views, social shares, and average domain authority. These can be stored in client folders, downloaded, and shared with clients. 

Put It All Together


Creating a content marketing strategy for backlinking might sound difficult, but if you have the right tools in place you can see tangible results form your campaigns. Start by creating the right types of topics for the publications you are interested in, then move on to creating well-researched media contact lists. 

Your subject line should be catchy and you will need a tool that reports on metrics. If you are looking for a professional digital marketing agency that can help with backlinking streategies, you can browse through the various listings on our website to find a company that best suits your needs.