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How To Make The Most Of Your Business Directory Listing

Listing your business on a free business directory is an effective way to improve your online visibility as well as your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking. One of the benefits of adding your business to a business directory is that many people use these directories to find a specific business for their needs, meaning that they are more likely to make a purchase from you or use your services. 

When you are using a free business directory you can further optimise and make the most of your account with some simple tips. Having the right and most up-to-date information on your profile is the first step towards boosting your online presence, but there are other steps you can take to make the most of your business directory listing. 

If this is all sounding a little difficult, below are some top tips for making the most of your business directory. 

Craft A Compelling Description


Your business description is extremely important, as this is where customers will find the information they need in order to make a decision as to whether or not they will be using your services or purchasing your products. Your business description should be compelling but also clearly written, as confused consumers will quickly click away. 

Be sure to use keywords in your description so that your business will appear in search results and so that consumers know exactly what you are offering. For example, rather than using flowery language peppered with jargon, you should write a friendly, detailed description using industry keywords. Something along the lines of, “We make and sell premium children’s toys for all ages” is easier to understand than, “We offer the chance to make childhood magical”. 


Be Very Visual


When people look for a business online, one of the first few things that they notice are the images that the business has. And as the saying goes, a picture can speak a thousand words, so make sure that the images you use speak the right ones. Photographs are the ideal way to make your business directory listing stand out and attract attention from consumers. 

Using professional photographs of your products is more effective than simply adding free stock images to represent what you offer. This is especially true when someone is browsing and is looking for a specific product or service. Your logo should also be clear and not pixelated, as this will make your business appear professional. Include graphics from your website as these have been created specifically for your business and will help you to stand out from the crowd. 


Remember To Update Regularly


Updating your business directory listing regularly will ensure that you are providing relevant and valuable content and information to your audience. You can d this by linking your social media accounts to your listing, either by providing the links or embedding them to stream live to your profile. 

Some directories allow you to add news and articles to your listing, which you should make use of. This will allow you to keep your profile active and help it to become more visible on the business directory. If you do not have time to write new articles, you can simply copy over current blog articles from your website. This repurposing of content will also help your SEO ranking to improve. Be sure that links are “do follow”so that you can reap these search engine benefits.


Choose The Right Tags


Tags on business directories are the keywords that most accurately describe your business. They are used to index your business and to ensure that it appears in the right search results on the directory when someone searches for your business. Choosing the incorrect tags, or choosing none at all, could mean that your business is not found by the right people. 

While you should use the right tags, using too many tags can also have a negative effect on your business. Attempting to appeal to everyone all the time may mean that you are not reaching the right targeted audience. Rather use a few, accurate tags on the business directory so that you appear in search results instead of using too many and confusing users. 


Direct Consumers To Your Business


Using an online business directory can be highly beneficial for your business. Not only will it improve your SEO efforts, but you will also become more visible online and will reach a wider audience. However, you do need to use some tactics to make the most of this platform. 

Start by writing a detailed and easy-to-understand business description, then move on to add clear and crisp visuals. You should always update your details and content and use the right tags for your industry. If you would like to gain more leads and conversions, put these tips to use and list your business with Free Find SA today.