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NetMechanic has been in business for eleven years, and during this time has undergone many significant changes, growing in leaps and bounds at the same time. Now, they are proud to announce that they have rebranded.

The NetMechanic team worked tirelessly to create a cohesive, fresh, and unique brand that showcases its values, mission, culture, and vision. Choosing the perfect colours might have taken a while, but their choice has certainly made an impact.  The new NetMechanic logo represents the diverse range of products that their team offers to its clients. 

If you are interested in digital marketing services, the newly rebranded NetMechanic is the ideal choice. This expert company is not changing its name, but its brand is now newer and more modern than ever before. They have upgraded and refreshed their image, highlighting everything that each team member has learnt over the years. This rebranding will also show clients that NetMechanic is driven and aims to provide high-performance solutions to every problem.  

The colour palette was a careful choice, and eventually, the team settled on charcoal and green. Green was chosen to represent the growth that NetMechanic has experienced since its inception, as well as their genuine and modern personality. Charcoal was used because it is the ideal foil to this vibrant green, showing that the company has a more serious business side too. Other colours were incorporated into the branding to represent the different services that are offered to clients. 

Clients will notice that the logo has changed considerably, no longer using the signature spanner but rather being more tech-focused and modern. Each circle of the logo showcases the different areas of this leading Cape Town digital marketing company. These services include maintenance and security, digital marketing, and graphic design to name but a few. Hours were spent working tirelessly on this logo to ensure that it was representative of the new NetMechanic ethos, focus, and energy. 

The services that Netmechanic offers include the following:

The website is now more intuitive and user-focused, with an easy-to-use menu and a new Help section with FAQs and a glossary for those who would like to learn more about what digital marketing entails. The goal is to create an information hub for clients, allowing them to understand some of the processes that go into the projects the NetMechanic team undertakes. 

It is important for any business owner to note that the rebranding process is never easy and should not be entered into lightly. It can take months to decide on a new colour palette, logo, images, voice, as well as what clients to showcase, and developing a new, fresh website can take even longer.

Without an in-depth discussion about every element of your rebrand, a cohesive end product will not be reached. Visit the new NetMechanic website to find out more and inquire about their digital marketing services.