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The Top South African-Born Courier Companies In The Country

Sending packages to and from provinces and countries is something that needs to be considered carefully. After all, you might be sending a valuable gift to a loved one or an important file to a business partner. Finding the courier company in South Africa is vital, as this company will be taking your precious possessions to their final destination.

In order to make an informed decision, you will need to perform a courier company comparison of some of the top options in South Africa. There are considerations to take into account, such as affordability and efficiency, so outlined below are the top five South African-borne courier companies in the country.


Courierit Courier Company South Africa

Courierit is one of the most technologically advanced courier companies in South Africa. This IT integration stemmed from the realisation that the world is becoming more and more digital, and that consumers demand even their courier service providers to be up-to-date with technological trends.

The specialised areas of Courierit include local and international courier services, as well as warehousing and remail offerings. There are two divisions which cater to these logistical and freighting services, Freightit and Remailit. The staff at Courierit are highly trained and provide stellar customer service, giving you peace of mind that your parcel will be cared for from the start of its journey to the end.

The Courier Guy

Courier Guy Courier Company South Africa

Formed in the year 2000, The Courier Guy is a recognised name in the courier industry. From their humble beginnings on a motorbike, the company has flourished into one which offers both national and international courier services with franchises across the country.

The services they offer include same-day express delivery, local overnight delivery, normal air deliver, as well as an international document courier service. You will also find their special project offering affordable and of a high-quality. The Courier Guy is ideal for those who have urgent packages that need o to be delivered on the same day, but some of these services apply only to certain areas.


Globe Flight Courier Company

Globeflight is an established courier company that has been in operation since 1998. They cater to both personal and business deliveries, and promise to deliver service with a smile every time. Their services include 24/7/365 courier options, which allow customers to send and receive packages on the same day or night for added efficiency.

Globeflight has a diverse range of products that they courier, such as IT supplies, educational items, as well as medical supplies. There are 20 branches across the country, but some of their services are limited to major areas. While Globeflight is willing to deliver a vast array of items, they do not offer the option to courier goods that are considered dangerous, in order to maintain the safety of both their staff and their customers.

Fastway Couriers

Fast Way Courier Company

Fastway Couriers is rising in popularity as one of the better courier companies for larger items, and has been in operation for 30 years. Their client base consists mostly of small-to-medium-sized companies but their individual service is also top-notch. With over 250 branches across South Africa, they are able to courier almost anything to almost anywhere.

If you are considered to be a high-volume sender, Fastway Couriers offers a highly effective electronic freight system, and their 24/7 online tracking system will allow business owners to keep a close eye on any important parcels sent out to clients or warehouses. An additional service includes the printing of professional courier labels, so even small businesses will maintain a high standard when delivering parcels.

Dawn Wing

Dawn Wing Courier Company

Dawn Wing is another popular South african-borne courier company. They offer specialised time-tabled deliveries for letters and parcels of up to 30kg for both B2B and consumer-based businesses. Dawn Wing has been in operation for 31 years and has 15 depots across the country for efficient deliveries. 

For those who have time-sensitive documents, you can choose their overnight express delivery services or their same-day delivery services. This company also offers unique additional services, such as Dawn Delivery, a service which delivers items before 09h30am on a business day, and their Saturday AM Service which allows for collections between 08h00 and 13h00 on a Saturday in main centres or in-city areas only.


PostNet is arguably one of the most popular South African-born courier companies, but it does have stiff competition from some of the others on this list. It was founded in 1994 due to the need for a company that could offer a wide range of business delivery solutions. Their courier services are efficient and effective and offer diverse options. 

PostNet offers door-to-door delivery services for speedy delivery, PostNet-to-PostNet options for a more affordable option, and an express delivery service to most major metropoles. Their services are ideal for small to medium sized businesses who want a speedy delivery of important documents and products. They are based in major cities and in some smaller areas so that you can send your packages wherever they need to go. 

Ram Hand-To-Hand Couriers

ram courier company

Ram Hand-To-Hand Couriers have over 40 branches across South Africa with highly trained staff at every branch. It was founded in 1988 and has over 1000 vehicles in its fleet. Some of their major clients include telecommunications companies, information technology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. 

Ram Hand-To-Hand Couriers is a popular South African-born courier company and offers services that can help both businesses and consumers alike. Their services include same-day delivery and collection, early-bird deliveries by 09h00am the next day, and regional deliveries for smaller regions. They also offer affordable and efficient international deliveries. 

Final Verdict

When choosing a courier company to send off your items, you will need to consider how efficient and affordable the company is. You will also need to take into account where the company delivers to, especially if you are sending something to a remote area.

You will also need to look at overall service and dedication to delivering the parcel on time, which is where both Courierit shines. For larger deliveries and business packages, opt for a company that specialises in bulk order such as Fastway Couriers. It is wise to base your choice on your needs and time constraints.

CourierIt Best Courier Company South Africa