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Black Friday is arguably one of the busiest and most popular shopping days worldwide, and has started to steadily gain popularity in South Africa. It can also mean more income and profits for your business, as well as bringing in more consumers who could become return customers. Marketing for Black Friday, however, can become a little difficult if you are not sure about what techniques are the most effective. 

You can speak to your digital marketing agency and ask for their advice about what will be effective for your Black Friday campaign. You might find that a more robust email marketing campaign is the way to go to drive more sales, or you could work on improving your social media marketing strategy. For those who are not sure where to start, below are some top tips for Black Friday marketing tactics. 


What Makes You Unique?


Having a hook, or something that makes your brand or business unique, is a sure-fire way to drive more sales and gain more brand awareness on Black Friday. You could advertise your one-of-a-kind, personalised products or you could have hidden deals on certain pages of your website to encourage more traffic and click-through-rates. 

Offering personalised products on Black Friday will also help you to stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to the younger generations. Using this hook in your Black Friday marketing campaign will help you to attract more attention and will encourage consumers to make a purchase. However, what makes you unique should not only be promoted on Black Friday but on other days too. 


Build Up A Buzz


In the days leading up to Black Friday, you should work hard to build up a buzz about your products and services on offer. You can do this by creating an email marketing campaign that starts on the first day of the week leading up to Black Friday and ends on the morning of this massive shopping event. 

For example, the first email could be a catalogue of general deals you will be offering, and the next few emails could be more personalised suggestions for those on your list, based on segmentation and customer data. You could also create unique content that counts down to your sales, such as an animated video or a social media post with a unique hashtag. 


Create Product Bundles


A sure-fire way to create more sales and bring in more revenue on Black Friday is to bundle products together that are complementary and related. It is important to make this product bundling optional, however, as some consumers might be easily deterred if they see product son their order that they do not need or want. 

Your call-to-action could be along the lines of “Complete The Set” or “Get The Look”. You should do this on your website, on social media posts, and in your email marketing campaigns. Cross-selling is an effective technique that many major online retailers use, and you can tap into this for your Black Friday marketing campaign. Product bundles should always make sense and the products should not make the end cost too expensive for the customer. 

Reward Return Customers


One of the best ways to make your Black Friday campaign a success is to reward your returning customers. You should ideally do this during the days leading up to the event, and this can be done by sending emails with exclusive, personalised offers or by sending out SMS messages to current customers with discount codes that they can use for their purchases. 

You can segment your email marketing database in order to send these offers to your current customers and offer them an additional discount or a special pre-order option. Rewarding return customers not only ensures that you will make sales on the day of Black Friday, but it also helps to maintain their loyalty during the rest of the year, helping to drive your profits. 


Put It All Together


Black Friday can be a hectic day for both shoppers and retailers alike, but in order to make the most of this traffic, you should put some clever marketing tips to the test. Highlight your hook and encourage more buyers, and build up a buzz in the days before the big event. 

You can create unique product bundles and reward return customers to make your brand stand out from the crowd during this busy retail period. For those who might need a little extra help on their digital marketing campaign for Black Friday, you can look through our range of businesses to find the assistance you need.