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What To Pack For A Cape Town Tour

Packing for any trip can be at once both exciting and daunting. You can never tell what the weather will be like on any given day at your destination, especially when travelling to Cape Town, and your tourism package might not be clear on everything you will need for your adventure. Many a Cape Town tour takes place in the warmer months, in order to avoid the rainier weather, but it is important to be prepared for every eventuality.

If you are interested in Cape Town tour packages you need to know what to pack. For example, if you will be exploring mountainous regions and hiking, you should bring along heavy-duty shoes and clothing. If you will be spending time sipping on decadent wine in the Winelands, be sure to bring along a smart outfit or two for the different locations.

Below we provide a simple list of what to pack for a Cape Town tour.


A Variety Of Clothing


If you have never travelled to South Africa or Cape Town before, then you will not know that the weather can change drastically during the day, especially in certain seasons. You will need to have a raincoat with you if you are visiting the Cape Town tourist attractions in September or October, as these are considered to be the rainier months.

For warmer months, you should bring along shorts, t-shirts, dresses, and loose-fitting clothing as the sun can become extremely hot and you will need to keep cool. Opt for clothing made out of cotton or linen that is light and breathable but that can also keep you warm when the strong Cape winds are blowing. You should also pack strong walking shoes, especially if you will be walking around town or in the various nature reserves.


Chargers And Electronics


The chances are that you will be keeping in contact with your family and friends while travelling in Cape Town, sending them gorgeous photographs that you have taken of the stunning scenery that you are spending time in. This is why it is important to remember to pack your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or camera in order to stay in contact with everyone as easily as possible.

You should also be sure to pack any chargers that you might need for your devices, and bring along the different adaptors you might need for your country. The different power adaptors are easy to find in airports and luggage stores, making it simple to pick up the right one for your needs. You might find at some hotels or lodges that they offer international plugs but be sure to check before you arrive.


Essential Toiletries And Medications


While Cape Town has a diverse array of professional pharmacists and doctors, it is important to bring along any chronic medication you or a family member might take on a regular basis, as well as any toiletries you will need. All medication will need to be accompanied by a letter from your doctor providing detailed information about the medication and its use.

You may not bring any herbal or traditional medicine into or out of the country, so if you do require this, you may have to search for it while you are already in Cape Town. If there is a specific toiletry that you use, it might be best to bring it with you, but be sure that it is not prohibited by any airline rulings. Cape Town is full of exciting, homemade toiletries and gifts, so you might be able to find fantastic new skin and body care products while travelling.


Take Your Travel Documentation


The most important item you need to pack for your Cape Town tour is your travel documentation. This is vital whether you are a local visiting the province for the first time or an international tourist experiencing the exciting allure of South Africa.

The documentation you will need to bring with you includes identification documents, your passport, your flight details, your accommodation information, and any required visas. You should also make certified copies of all of this information and leave these copies with friends and relatives in the case of an emergency. If you will be travelling with a minor, be sure to keep an eye on the laws in South Africa regarding travelling with minors, as these change on a regular basis.


Take Only Photographs…


…and leave only footprints. Cape Town tour packages offer you a thrilling experience in a truly cosmopolitan city, but it is important to note that some game reserves and gardens prohibit you from taking flowers, plants, or animals with you when you leave. This is why it is important to bring along your camera or cell phone to take photographs.

When taking part in a Cape Town tour, be sure to bring along a variety of clothing, all of your essential medications and toiletries, as well as all of your important travel documents. Contact Kaydre Transfers And Tours today to find out more about our exciting Cape Town tourism packages.

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