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Best Project Management Software In South Africa

Best Project Management Software In South Africa

Managing a team, whether it is only three people or if it is up to 30 people, can become tricky. This is especially true if you have multiple projects on the go at once, as you would with a digital marketing agency or an e-commerce business. However, you can remedy the confusion and frustration by opting to use project management software to keep track of everything that is happening in your business. 

There are several options available for project management software in South Africa but it is important to know which will best suit your own business needs. Some might only offer all the functionalities for paid packages, while others might need you to take part in training in order to use it correctly. Below is some helpful information on just some of the best project management software in South Africa. 



Jira is a popular project management tool that is used by website design and development teams. It provides teams with a simple and powerful method of tracking issues and sharing information about all fixes made. It can also be used for bug-tracking, development help, as well as project management. 

With Jira, you are able to create user stories and issues, carefully plan out sprints, and visualise everyone’s tasks for asy reference amongst your team. There is a free trial period for those who would like to test it out before buying, and the starting rate of R103 per user per month is highly affordable for smaller business teams. 



KanbanFlow is one of the most popular choices for project management software in South Africa. It allows you to easily visualise your work and share tasks and notes with others who are part of your team, helping to streamline even the smallest and simplest of tasks. There are options to limit “work-in-progress” tasks so that all pertinent tasks are completed on time. 

KanbanFlow also has an easy-to-use tie tracker, allowing you and your team to see how much time is being spent on tasks so that you can better delegate them. All changes that are made on your Kanban board are immediately available to your entire team, and can even be accessed from mobile devices. This allows for much better team communication. 



Trello is another of the more popular choices of project management in South Africa. It allows you and your team to run through the different phases in your processes so the whole team can see where everyone is and how close the project is to completion. It allows users to create boards, lists, and cards to visualise your tasks. 

You can add comments to tasks, attach files, add or change due dates, and more directly onto these cards. Other members of your team can also do this to their own cards and cards of others in projects. Trello also allows you to access your tasks from your mobile phone or tablet for added efficiency. You are also able to integrate other apps with Trello. 



Basecamp is both a message board as well as a collaboration tool which makes it an ideal choice for project management software in South Africa. In this software, everyone who is added to a project will be able to add files and comments, as well as chat in a live messenger. Teams are able to add message boards, to-do lists, and automatic check-ins for tasks. 

Basecamp is an ideal solution for both small and large teams, and its apps work on iOS, Android, Mac, and normal PCs. this is perfect for agencies where everyone works on different machines or where some people might be out of the office but need to access their tasks. You can easily create to-do lists, checklists, and even have live chats from your computer or app. 

Active Collab


Active Collab is an easy-to-use project management software choice of many South African digital marketing agencies. It combines project management with real-time chat functions, so that everyone working on a project is completely aware of what is going on at any time. Every single stage of the project can be monitored by everyone listed on the project. 

You can easily use Active Collab to create your own workflow and processes and can keep all files and documents in one place. There is a mobile app option that has a similar layout to the desktop version, making it easy for those who are on-the-go to update their tasks. Users can choose between a detailed list view and a “bird;s-eye-view”, depending on their preferences, which can help immensely with productivity. Efficient digital marketing agencies such as NetMechanic use Active Collab to ensure all projects are completed on time and within the budget. 

Time Management Is Tops

Managing your time and your projects are vital for the success of any successful business. And thanks to the innovations of new technology, you can now use project management software to handle all of this for you. There are both free trials and paid options available, and some offerings have both a mobile app and desktop offerings. It is important to keep a handle on all of your projects, especially if you are regularly juggling different ones all at once. For those who would like professional help with any of these projects, feel free to browse through the businesses listed here to find one that best suits your needs.