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Free Tools For Starting A Small Business

Starting your own small business can be a daunting undertaking. Not only do you need to have a plan for your business idea, but you also need to have the right tools in place to help make your business a success. Small business development can take time, but if you have the right mindset and the right business tools at hand, you will soon see yourself becoming a success. 

If you are working on a digital marketing strategy then you will need the right tools for the job. Similarly, you will need the right accounting software to help you maintain your financial status. You likely will not have too big of a budget for all of these tools, which is why it is best to look out for free tools. Below we look at some of the best free tools for starting your own business. 


Free Accounting Software: Wave


One of the most important elements of any business is the financial status of the business. For this, you will need to look into free accounting software that offers you a diverse array of services and features, allowing you to grow at your own speed and ensure that every financial element of your business is properly monitored. 

Wave is one of the most popular choices when it comes to accounting software. This is because it offers almost all of its services for free. You are able to track both business and personal finances under different profiles so that neither becomes confused. There are also free invoicing tools and other exciting features that are ideal for startups and SMEs. You might have to pay for payment processing, however, so make sure of this before signing up. 


Free Project Management: Kanbanflow


When it comes to running any business, remaining organised is a highly important matter. You might think that using a diary and handwritten sticky notes will work, but you are mistaken. A free tool such as Kanbanflow provides a visual board for you to create to-do lists on, providing an organised overview of your work. 

Having a better workflow will allow you to focus on what is truly important instead of starting new tasks and leaving tasks unfinished. You are also able to track time and see how long it takes you to complete certain tasks. If you have a team, you can also easily collaborate using Kanbanflow and maintain organisation and a smooth process of operation. This software is essential for small to medium-sized businesses which deal with multiple projects at one time. 


Free Website Builder: WordPress


Living in today’s digital world means that you will most certainly need a website for your business. However, having one professionally designed and developed can take time and cost a significant amount of money. You can use a free website builder such as WordPress in order to build your own website. 

It is important to note that some features of WordPress will cost money, but their free plan is the perfect starting point for SMEs and startups alike. You can use SEO (search engine optimisation) tools to help your website to rank on Google, create an online store with simple tools, or build a blog for your business with a few simple clicks. WordPress is one of the most feature-rich free platforms available today. 


Free Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn


One of the most important elements of setting up any business is having a social media presence. Luckily, all of the largest social media platforms are free to use for both personal and business use. Facebook is arguably the best platform to use for any business due to its ability to create target audiences for ads using real data from its users. 

Instagram is an ideal channel if you have a very visual business, such as selling handmade clothing or delicious food. It is free to set up a business account and you can link this to your personal account, making it much easier to manage. LinkedIn and Twitter are better suited to more corporate or B2B businesses but both are free to use. Social media is one of the most important avenues of a business so be sure to invest in it. 


Free Business Directory: Free Find SA


Listing your business on an online business directory is a sure-fire way to improve your SEO, rankings, and your online visibility. Using a free option such as Free Find SA will help you to reach a wider audience and will also ensure that you are found by people who are interested in your products and services. 

Free online directories are the ideal platforms for small businesses because you can create a listing without spending any money while also generating more awareness for your business. You can add your contact details, your logo, and your most important information to these online directories, making it easy for interested consumers to find you and contact you with their inquiries. 

You can list your business on Free Find SA today by contacting us on this form or by signing up for business registration today.